The 30 best dog photos of the year

The 30 best dog photos of the year

Photographing dogs can be challenging. Often time, it takes several tries and lots of treats to get the perfect portrait. Spontaneous cuddles and playful leaps are also difficult to capture. But these photographers were up to the task.

Featured categories in the 2018 contest include Oldies and Puppies as well as Dogs At Work, Dogs at Play, and a category for up-and-coming-photographers under 11 years of age.

Here are the 30 best dog photos of the year.

بشرى سارة لموظفي غزة بخصوص المنحة القطرية
“هنا الآن” موعد مباراة الأهلي والمقاولون في الدوري المصري وتردد قناة أون تايم سبورتس

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